Our People

Our staff and personnel are key to all our endeavors. They keep our ships working and our business speeding ahead.

Unmatched Professionalism

At Aegean Shipping Management, we take pride in our personnel, both on land and at sea. 

Without their sense of responsibility, their professionalism, and reliability, we would be unable to achieve total client satisfaction on each voyage. 

Training, overseen by our Human Resource Department, is key to this endeavor. We invest significantly in order to ensure that our certification procedures are in full accordance with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (SCTW) and the requirements of international shipping regulations.

Many of our people may not work at sea, but they need to know how ships work. For that reason, Aegean Shipping Management ensures that its shore-based personnel are as comfortable and familiar on board as on land.

Recruits must have the appropriate university education for the designated position. But having degrees is not enough. New hires or transferred our people should familiarize themselves in their new positions before assuming their duties. This allows them to become aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how these contribute to the achievement of company’s objectives.

To promote continuity, the emphasis should be on retaining staff in the positions where they do best and developing their skills. Our appraisal system rewards our people that perform well by promoting them and offering follow-up training.

Aegean Shipping Management recruits seafarers who are certified, qualified and medically fit in accordance with flag state and company requirements.

Prospective staff must be able to carry out their duties efficiently and safely. Accordingly, the company applies strict procedures for the selection and engagement of all seafarers.

At Aegean, we require that all our seafarers

  • are able to communicate in English in carrying out their duties
  • have an adequate understanding of the relevant rules, regulations, codes and guidelines in accordance with their ranks and duties
  • are properly certificated in accordance with the requirements of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) code and of the flag administration
  • are medically fit
  • adhere to the minimum rest periods as defined in the STCW code

In addition, the company undertakes to

  • forward to all vessels all required information for the seafarers to effectively carry out their duties
  • ensure that all newly recruited seafarers are appropriately familiarized with critical safety and pollution prevention procedures prior to assuming their on-board duties. Particular emphasis is placed on familiarizing senior officers with to the Aegean Shipping Management system
  • maintain procedures to identify the required levels of training and competence for our people in order to perform their tasks in line with the Aegean Shipping Management system
  • provide a specific training program for its seafarers that goes beyond the minimum STCW requirements.
  • evaluate the performance of all seafarers through continuous internal audits and performance appraisals to ensure that training remains effective and to identify needs for retraining. Records of the training undertaken by as well as performance of each seafarer are maintained
  • evaluates our contracted manning representatives which includes an annual audit at their premises
  • provide career development for junior officers, endeavoring to recruit senior officers internally
  • monitor retention rates for differing ranks and nationalities