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Companies need to know how much it costs to run their fleet. Our AegeanCard provides all that information and more.

A Business-Friendly Approach

At Aegean Oil, we believe in rewarding our biggest customers for the trust they place in us to provide quality fuel at competitive prices.

Customers holding an AegeanCard are entitled to purchase gas without cash and to specified services at more than two hundred gas stations nationwide.

Cut Costs by Managing Expenses

As a large company ourselves, we know how critically important it is for your company to minimize its energy expenses—and this holds especially true for the use of corporate vehicles.

The AegeanCard provides our corporate customers with detailed information on their fleet’s fuel usage and fleet management reports, helping companies keep their expenses under control.

Fill Up with Ease

The AegeanCard uses chip and PIN technology, making it a safe and easy way for customers to pay for their fuel. This means you’ll spend less time at the pump, more time on the road, doing what you do best: business.

For further information on the AegeanCard, please email us at aegeancard@aegeanoil.gr or call us at +30.210.458.6225.