Business Ethics Policy

Aegean Shipping Management S.A. is committed to promoting an honest and trustworthy working environment, both on board and ashore, to compliment the company procedures and to reinforce the vision of business ethics within the company.

The senior management within the shore establishment of Aegean Shipping Management S.A. shall set a prime example. In the performance of all company business, honesty ant integrity shall have the highest priority for the company management team.

Senior management are required to, and shall disclose any conflicts of interest relating to business with respect to their position within Aegean Shipping Management S.A. 

 Any employees, either on board or ashore, shall disclose any conflicts of interest relating to business with respect to their position within Aegean Shipping Management S.A. 

The company management team are required to be open and receptive to communication with any employee and shall welcome any positive suggestion and/or concerns from any employee, either on board or ashore, in accordance with the company documents procedures. This will allow employees to feel comfortable discussing any issues, without fear and will alert the company management team to any concerns within the company workforce. 

 All employees, on board and ashore shall make every effort to increase customer satisfaction by providing the quality services and timely responses required by the company business activities. 
The Company's relationships with clients and suppliers are based on sound commercial criteria that are not influenced by other factors such as gifts or entertainment. In this way the Company is able to sustain constructive relationships with those organisations, companies and individuals doing business or seeking to do business with it.

 Accordingly the receiving or giving gifts,meals,travel,entertainment or other favours  between employees and business contacts should be moderate,infrequent,appropriate to the occasion and only within genuine business purposes.

The giving of or receiving cash gifts is strictly prohibited.

 Promotion of ethical conduct within interpersonal communications of all employees shall be recorded.
All employees of Aegean Shipping Management S.A. are required to : 

  • Act with integrity,competence,dignity and in an ethical manner when dealing with the public,clients,employees and colleagues;

  • Be proactive;

  • Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on the company's employees and their shipping profession;

  • Strive to maintain and improve their competence and the competence of others in the profession;

  • Use reasonable care and exercise independent professional judgement.

Adherence to the company's Ethics Code makes each employee responsible for bringing suspected violations of applicable standard, policies, regulations or requirements to the attention of the responsible person. Raising such concerns is a service to the company and will not jeopardize one's position or employment.

  • No individual who wish to report concerns for suspected violations shall be disciplined or otherwise retaliated against for such reporting.

  • Employees who fail to report such violations will be grounded for dismissal.

  • Top management, managers or employees are not permitted to engage in retaliation ,retribution or any form of harassment directed against an employee who reports a compliance concern.

  • Anyone who is involved in any act of retaliation or retribution against an employee that has reported suspected misconduct in good faith will be subjected to disciplinary action or dismissal.

  • However,it shall not be considered retaliation to take steps to discipline persons who knowingly or intentionally make fake false claims of misconduct or for the company to take alternative steps to prevent or correct damage to persons when it is determined allegations of misconduct against them are false.

The DPA should be notified of any environmental regulation violation or other non compliance via:

Email address
24hrs hotline telephone: +302104586053
Cell-phone: +30 694420868 ( Voice & SMS Text)