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Fuels Quality Control

Providing the Best

Aegean Oil’s comprehensive quality control procedure ensures that the fuels sold under its name are second to none.

To safeguard the quality of the delivered product, all of the gas stations in our strong network can expect unannounced, on-site controls from the company's mobile quality control laboratory.

Each Αegean gas station, is checked for the quality of fuels that sells to consumers and receives a relevant certificate. This certificate is placed  in a conspicuous position in order the customer is informed for the fuel quality he buys.

Protecting the Customer

These random checks are carried out to make sure that no adulteration of transport fuel has taken place.

Whenever samples fail to conform to our quality standards, the product is replaced immediately, followed by an analysis to establish the root cause for the failed samples.

These controls serve to secure the hard-earned reputation of the company and, more importantly, the interests of our customers.