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History & Targets

A strong and growing market share driven by our ability to provide premium quality at competitive prices

Rapid Growth

At Aegean Oil, the needs of the customer are central to everything we do. And our remarkable growth in the retail segment is testimony to our ability to meet these needs.

Since entering the retail and commercial petroleum market in 1999, Aegean has grown rapidly to reach the top companies of the petrochemical industry in Greece, providing quality products for automotive, industrial and marine use.

This expansion has brought our top-quality and competitively-priced products and services to vastly greater numbers of satisfied customers.

Popular Choice

More and more drivers are choosing Aegean when they fill up. In fact, Aegean now holds a major portion of total fuel sales in Greece.

In 2008, Aegean launched its own brand of high-quality lubricants, comprising a complete range of products from engine oils to brake fluids, which are available at our gas stations nationwide to consumers and through direct sales to commercial customers.

One Step Ahead

Through innovative thinking, we seek to expand our portfolio of products and services and deepen our customer-oriented corporate culture.

This process is part and parcel of Aegean's commitment to become one of the top players in the Greek fuel market.

By always looking to the future, we consistently provide our customers with the means to power their everyday lives.