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Motorist Service Stations

Looking to the future, Aegean Oil participated in tenders for development motorist service stations (MSS) alongside all the new highways network in Greece. The result was the five new MSS that Aegean Oil constructed, operates and maintains.

MMS Almyros 1 &2 (Magnisia)
Both MSS are located at the 270th km of the Athens-Thessaloniki National road (both sides), precisely at half distance between the two major cities. These two stations, which have already become a 'best practice' reference point, were built in cooperation with Goody's-Flocafe, offering travellers high quality products and services.

MSS Arfara (Messinia)
This station is located on the new modern highway that connects Kalamata city with the rest of Greece. This station has been operated since 2012.

MMS Nikaia 1 &2 (Larissa)

MSS are located at the 342,5 km of the Athens-Thessaloniki New National road (both sides), having started their operation mid March 2017. Along with the MSS stations the travellers can enjoy their short stay visiting the Aegean Mini Market shop and the Gregory’s Mikrogevmata (Snack Meals) 

The Aegean MSS are equipped with  the latest technology and offer a modern shopping experience to the travellers, protecting at the same time the environment with state-of-the art equipment.