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Piraeus Port Calling Instructions

Clients seeking our services at the port of Piraeus are required to provide our office with the following information at least 72 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival:

  • IMO Nr
  • Flag
  • Call sign / MMSI nr
  • Registry port and number
  • LOA/breadth/draught
  • Quantity/quality of cargo
  • Last-next port of call
  • Registered owners
  • Total crew on board
  • Master’s name and nationality
  • Satellite tel/fax

As per the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code and new PSC / SSN rules in force, customers are asked to fill-in the below listed pages (pre-arrival ISPS forms and notification prior to entry to a Greek port) and resend to our office by fax (+30.210.458.6244) and/or email (agency@aegeanoil.com) 72 hours before arrival.

Please include the following documents/certificates:

  • Registry certificate
  • International Ship Security Certificate (all pages)
  • Crew list
  • Tonnage certificate (all pages)
  • Bunker CLC 2001
  • Certificate of entry
  • Safety Management Certificate
  • Certificate of Class

Pre-Arrival Required Information Forms

1. Notification of Arrival
2. Notification of Arrival Port State Control
3. Notification of Departure
4. Cargo declaration before arrival
5. Cargo declaration before departure
6. Ship pre arrival security information form
7. Instructions to fulfill pre arrival SSN forms

Tankers special requirements

As per MARPOL face out regulations, the following documents are required if the calling vessel is tanker ship:

  • International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (Form A and B, all pages)
  • Bill of lading (if cargo on board)
  • Certificate of quality (if cargo on board)
  • Condition Assessment Scheme Certificate (CAS, if available)

Please note: If all the above certificates, forms and information are not received in time, the vessel will not be allowed to approach by Port Authority.

Anchorage Details

Vessels are to provide our office with 72/48/24/12 hours estimated time of arrival (ETA) notice.

Vessels are obliged to be in close contact with Piraeus Traffic Control (VTS) on channel 13. Two hours prior to arrival, they should contact Piraeus Traffic Control for specific anchorage instructions and strictly follow up.

Other Needs

Our agency will not deal with any extraordinary needs which may arise during the vessel's stay at Piraeus unless we have a prior written confirmation from vessel owners that any expenses incurred for this extraordinary needs will be paid in full within 30 days.