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Energy Commodities International Trading

Aegean Net Fuels Ltd is engaged in the international trading of energy commodities, which mainly are related to the Petroleum and Gas Industry. 
The commodities traded range from LNG and natural gas, crude oil, intermediate feedstock and blending components to finished products such as gasoline, jet, diesel, gasoil, fuel oil, bitumen and lubricants. 

Our team has extensive experience in the oil and the broader energy commodity business with the trading desk and the logistics team operating in parallel to efficiently manage our physical transactions. Our executive team works in close co-ordination maintaining a short chain of command to facilitate efficient decision-making and to ensure our prompt and decisive actions to secure advantages presented in the markets.

The company has developed long-term commercial relationships with crude oil producers, refineries, major trading houses and retailing companies and it has long standing relationships with first class financial institutions which support its activities and extend the requisite financing.

To address the financial, operational and market risks associated with the trading of commodities, Aegean Net Fuels maintains advanced information systems which support its risk management, trading, financial and logistics activities, upheld by advanced data security systems.

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