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Hellenic Environmental Center (H.E.C.)

Protecting the Aegean’s pristine marine environment for generations to come

Integrated Solutions for the Environment

Everyone in the shipping industry is responsible for minimizing the effect of our activities on the environment. 

In Greece, Hellenic Environmental Center (HEC)—an Aegean company—plays a vital role in the field of marine environmental protection by providing integrated solutions to the management and treatment of oil residues.

With its unsurpassed infrastructure, know-how and years of experience, HEC is the industry leader in the management of ship-generated waste at its port reception facilities throughout Greece.

Advanced Treatment and Management

HEC undertakes the selective transport and treatment of oil residues from ships and land-based units (including industrial and shipbuilding units). The company also manages all liquid residues generated by ships during operation, such as:

  • Dirty ballast water
  • Oil tank washings
  • Oily bilge waters
  • Oily residues/sludge
  • Scale and sludge from tank cleaning
  • Waste lubricants
  • Noxious liquid substances
  • Sewage

Furthermore, drawing on our expertise, HEC prepares waste management plans for harbors and port facilities in Greece.

For more information on HEC, please visit www.hec.gr