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Lubricants Tecnical Support
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A sophisticated program that optimizes the reliability of mechanical equipment and the use of lubricants.
The lubricant is in direct contact with all moving parts of machinery. It carries valuable information on contamination of the lubricant for any reason, residues and also the wear metals indicating the points from which they come.
The modern laboratory of Aegean blending plant in Aspropyrgos, equipped with the most modern equipment and instruments, performs a series of physicochemical tests on each sample lubricant used.


The proper application of lubricants according to the manufacturer's recommendations is essential factor for the maintenance of mechanical equipment and vehicle fleet.
The Aegean Lubricants Technical Department collaborated with Aegean customers supported them by a very detailed lubrication chart table for every mechanical equipment or vehicle they have and use, in order to support with the right lubricant application and at the same time minimize the product complexity by cover every lubrication need for the specific fleet.

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