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  • q.n. 
  • Q88 
    Questionnaire 88; is a web based questionnaire generator that allows you to create questionnaires for vessels.  
  • QA 
    Quality Assurance 
  • QAR 
    Quality assurance representative (ISM) 
  • QC 
    Quality at Captain's (option) 
  • QI 
    Qualified Individual (OPA 90) 
  • QLTY 
  • QTE 
    Quote. The act of a charterer to make known that a ship is sought for a particular cargo or, as a shipowner, to advertise the availability of his ship for charter. Most often this activity is carried out using the services of shipbrokers. 
  • QTTY 
  • QTY 
  • Quality Assessment 
    Often termed ""Quality Control"" or ""QC"", it is the measurement of chemical or physical properties to establish whether a sample conforms to specification. In manufacturing, such laboratory analyses are carried out periodically and the results are used
  • Quarantine 
    A restraint placed on an operation to protect the public against a health hazard. A ship may be quarantined so that it cannot leave a protected point. During the quarantine period, the Q flag is hoisted. 
  • Quay 
    A structure attached to land to which a vessel is moored.See also Pier and Dock. 
  • Quoin 
    A wedge–shaped piece of timber used to secure barrels against movement. 
  • Quota 
    The quantity of goods that may be imported without restriction during a set period of time. 
  • Quotation 
    An offer to sell goods at a stated price and under stated terms. 
  • QWCT 
    Quay weight crane tonnage dues 
  • QWT 
    Quay weight; Quay weight and Tonnage Dues 
  • QY