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  • Weight (per 1000 kilos) or Winter (loadline) 
  • W or WS 
    World Scale 
  • W&F 
    Water and feed 
  • W&I 
    Weighing and Inspection 
  • W&M 
    War and Marine 
  • W&R 
    Water and rail 
  • W/A or WAF 
    West Africa 
  • W/I 
  • W/M 
    Weight Measurement 
  • WA 
    Water or With Average 
  • WAF 
    West Africa 
  • WAG 
    West Asia gulf 
  • War Risk 
    Insurance coverage for loss of goods resulting from any act of war. 
  • Warehouse 
    A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution, and storage of goods/cargo. 
  • Warehouse Entry 
    Document that identifies goods imported when placed in a bonded warehouse. The duty is not im- posed on the products while in the warehouse but will be collected when they are withdrawn for delivery or consumption. 
  • Warehouse Withdrawal for Transportation (WDT) 
    Allows merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one port to be transported in bond to another port, where a superseding entry will be filed. 
  • Warehouse Withdrawal for Transportation Exportation (WDT&E) 
    Allows merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one port to be transported in bond through the U.S. to be exported from another port, without paying duty. 
  • Warehouse Withdrawal for Transportation Immediate Exportation (WDEX) 
    Allows merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one U.S. port to be exported from the same port exported without paying duty. 
  • Warehousing 
    The storing of goods/cargo. 
  • Warm zone 
    Area where personnel and equipment decontamination and hot zone support take place. It includes control points for the access corridor and thus assists in reducing the spread of contamination. Also referred to as the decontamination, contamination reducti
  • Warning Shot Across the Bow 
    From the literal practice of firing a warning shot across another ship’s bow to encourage the captain to strike without engaging. 
  • Warranty 
    The declaration given by an owner that action has or will be taken to ensure that his vessel complies with International, statutory, or company requirements. (It requires a degree of trust in its use - an owner found to have broken a warranty might gain  
  • WASP 
    Weather Analysis Service Provider 
  • Waste Disposal Vessel 
    A vessel equipped for the transportation, treatment and/or (now illegal) discharge at sea of waste material 
  • Water Jet Dredger 
    A vessel equipped to inject water into settled sediment which then moves under the influence of gravity and/or density gradients 
  • Water Jet Dredging Pontoon 
    A non propelled dredger pontoon equipped to inject water into settled sediment which then moves under the influence of gravity and/or density gradients 
  • Water Miscibility 
    The ability of a liquid to mix fully with water and not separate 
  • Water plane Coefficient 
    Ship Stability: p=Area of WP/(L*B) 
  • Water Reaction 
    A hydrocarbon mixture's tendency to hold water and other impurities in suspension. Aviation turbine fuel has specifications, including a water separation index, to avoid putting kerosene with this problem aboard aero planes. 
  • Water Reactive 
    A chemical that reacts with water to release a gas that is either flammable or presents a health hazard.  
  • Water Separation 
  • Water spray (fog) 
    Method or way to apply or distribute water. The water is finely divided to provide for high heat absorption. Water spray patterns can range from about 10 to 90 degrees. Water spray streams can be used to extinguish or control the burning of a fire or to p
  • Water Tank Barge, non propelled 
    A non propelled tank barge for the carriage of water 
  • Water Tanker 
    A tanker for the bulk carriage of water 
  • Water Tanker Barge, propelled 
    A self propelled tanker barge for the bulk carriage of water 
  • Water Tanker, Inland Waterways 
    A tanker for the bulk carriage of water which is not suitable for trading in open waters 
  • Water Tanker, Naval Auxiliary 
    A naval auxiliary vessel. Designed for the carriage of bulk water in tanks expressly for naval support 
  • Water White Standard 
    Tank cleaning: Water White Standard means visually clean, dry and odour-free. Wall wash not required.  
  • Water-sensitive 
    Substances which may produce flammable and/or toxic decomposition products upon contact with water. 
  • Water-Soluble or Water-Miscible products 
    Tank Cleaning: Water-Soluble substances and water-miscible substances are easy to clean with water, and the solubility of the substances might increase at higher temperatures. The use of a cleaning agent is only advisable for reduction of the cleaning tim
  • Waterline 
    A line painted on a hull which shows the point to which a ship sinks when it is properly trimmed 
  • Wax 
    A mixture of long chain hydrocarbons that crystallize at different temperatures as the overall fluid temperature falls. 
  • Wax Content 
    A synonym for paraffins content most frequently applied to catalytic cracker feedstocks. A high wax, or paraffins, content makes a residue of gasoil more susceptible to cracking. 
  • Waxes 
    Waxes are esters of fatty acids combined with long-chain alcohols. The fatty acids are usually straightchain, saturated or monunsaturated compounds containing up to thirty carbon atoms. The alcohols are usually saturated, long-chain primary alcohols. Wax
  • Waxy 
  • Waxy paraffinic crude oil 
    A crude oil which, by function of its total wax content, requires heating to prevent sludge deposition during transportation and discharge. 
  • Way 
    Movement of a ship through water such as headway, sternway or leeway 
  • WB 
    Water Ballast or Waybill or Westbound 
  • WBT 
    Water Ballast Tank 
  • WC 
    West coast 
  • WCA 
    West Coast Africa 
    Whether (in) customs cleared (clearance) or not 
  • WCCON 
    Whether Customs Cleared Or Not 
  • WCD 
    Worst Case Discharge 
  • WCDC 
    Wind and Current Drag Coefficient Task Group 
  • WCI 
    West Coast India 
  • WCMEX 
    West Coast Mexico 
  • WCNA 
    West Coast of North America 
  • WCSA 
    West Coast South America 
  • WCUK 
    West Coast United Kingdom 
  • WCUS 
    West Coast United States 
  • WCYO 
    What Can You Offer 
  • WCYP 
    What Can You Propose 
  • WD 
    Working days 
  • WE/EI 
    West Britain/East Ireland 
  • Weapons Trials Vessel 
    A naval auxiliary vessel for testing and conducting trails on any weapon systems 
  • Weather Permitting 
    The term used in voyage charter language to signify that laytime does not count when weather conditions do not allow cargo operations to be carried out. 
  • Weather Working Day 
    WEATHER WORKING DAY shall mean a Working Day or part of a Working Day during which it is or, if the Vessel is still waiting for her turn, it would be possible to load/discharge the cargo without interruption due to the weather. If such interruption occurs
  • Weather Working Day of 24 consecutive hours 
    WEATHER WORKING DAY OF 24 CONSECUTIVE HOURS shall mean a Working Day or part of a Working Day of 24 consecutive hours during which it is or, if the vessel is still waiting for her turn, it would be possible to load/discharge the cargo without interruption
  • Weather Working Day of 24 Hours 
    WEATHER WORKING DAY OF 24 HOURS shall mean a period of 24 hours made up of one or more Working Days during which it is or, if the Vessel is still waiting for her turn, it would be possible to load/discharge the cargo without interruption due to the weathe
    Whether entered customs clearance or not 
    Whether entered customs house or not 
  • WECON 
    Whether entered (in) Customs of not 
  • Weight Cargo 
    A cargo on which the transportation charge is assessed on the basis of weight. 
    Coal charter party 
  • Well Car 
    Also known as stack car. A drop–frame rail flat car. 
  • Well Stimulation Vessel 
    A vessel primarily equipped to maximize oil production from a well 
  • WEST 
    Western Europe 
  • Wet Barrel 
    Physical product. The trade distinguishes material promptly available, wet barrels, from future or paper availabilities. 
  • WFA 
    With following alterations 
  • WG 
    Weight guaranteed 
  • WGT 
  • Whale Catcher 
    A vessel equipped for catching whales 
  • Wharf 
    A waterside structure, usually parallel to the waterway bank, at which a vessel may be berthed alongside from which cargo or passengers can be loaded or discharged. A pier or dock built on the shore of a harbor, river, or canal. 
  • WHD 
    Working Hatch per Day 
  • WHF 
  • Whfge 
    Wharfage: Charge assessed by a pier or dock owner against freight handled over the pier or dock or against a steamship company using the pier or dock. 
  • WHO 
    World Health Organization 
  • Whole Naphtha 
    A distillation cut which spans the entire boiling range commonly designated as naphtha. This full-range product contains the fractions separable into light naphtha and heavy naphtha. Its initial boiling point can commonly fall between 90 and 100 F and its
  • WHSE 
  • WHT 
  • WHTC 
    Wordscale hours, terms and conditions 
  • WIBON 
    Whether In Berth Or Not. Shall mean that if the designated loading or discharging Berth is not available on arrival, the Vessel on reaching any usual waiting place at the Port, shall be entitled to tender Notice of Readiness from it and Laytime shall comm
    Whether in cargo clearance or not 
    Whether In Free Practique or Not 
  • Wind Turbine Installation Vessel 
    A vessel equipped for the installation of wind turbines in shallow waters 
  • Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (semi sub) 
    A semi submersible vessel equipped for the installation of wind turbines in shallow waters 
  • Wind Turbine Vessel 
    A vessel fitted with wind turbines to generate electricity 
  • Windfall 
    A sudden unexpected rush of wind from a mountainous shore which allowed a ship more leeway. 
  • Windward 
    Toward the direction from which the wind is coming 
  • Windy Booking 
    A freight booking made by a shipper or freight forwarder to reserve space but not actually having a specific cargo at the time the booking is made. Carriers often overbook a vessel by 10 to 20 percent in recognition that “windy booking” cargo will not act
  • Wine Tanker 
    A cargo ship designed for the bulk transport of Wine in tanks. Tanks will be stainless steel or lined. New vessels will be classified as chemical carriers 
  • Wing In Ground Effect Vessel 
    A vessel designed to run at high speed using foils to create an air cushion raising the vessel just off the waters surface 
  • Wingwall 
    usually acts as a retaining wall or as a support for an abutment. 
  • Winterization 
    Some crude edible oils, especially those obtained by solvent extraction, contain among their non-oil components traces of wax from the seed coat which tend to give the oil a cloudy appearance. In addition, some liquid oils have a small content of high mel
  • WIPON 
    Whether in Port Or Not. Shall mean that if the designated loading or discharging Berth and the usual waiting place at the Port are not available on arrival, the Vessel shall be entitled to tender Notice of Readiness from any recognised waiting place off t
  • WITA 
    WIng TAnk 
  • WITA or WT 
    Wing Tank 
  • Without Recourse 
    A phrase preceding the signature of a drawer or endorser of a negotiable instrument; signifies that the instrument is passed onto subsequent holders without any liability to the endorser in the event of nonpayment or nondelivery. 
  • WIWL 
    within institute warrant limit 
  • WL 
  • WLTHC 
    Waterline to top of hatch coaming 
  • WLTM 
    Water level to manifold 
    Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming 
  • WM or W/M 
    Weight or Measurement: The basis for assessing freight charges. Also known as “worm.” The rate charged under W/M will be whichever produces the highest revenue between the weight of the shipment and the measure of the shipment. The comparison is based on
  • WMED 
    West Mediterranean 
  • WMO 
    World Meterological Organisation 
  • WNA 
    Winter North Atlantic (loadline) 
  • WO 
    Written off 
  • WOB 
    Washed overboard 
  • WOG 
    Without Guarantee or With Other Goods 
  • Wood Chips Carrier, self unloading 
    A single deck cargo vessel with high freeboard for the carriage of wood chips. May be self discharging 
  • Work/Maintenance Pontoon, non propelled  
    A non propelled pontoon used for working or maintenance functions 
  • Work/Repair Vessel 
    A multi functional vessel for general work and repair operations 
  • Working Copy 
    (Copy of Charter Party - not being signed and may contain unchecked errors 
  • Working Day 
    WORKING DAY shall mean a Day when by local law or practice work is normally carried out. 
  • World Scale 
    First introduced during World War II, and subsequently developed and refined, world scale is a system whereby a tanker can obtain the same net return per day at the same world scale percentage regardless of the voyage actually undertaken. 
  • Worldscale 
    Worldwide Tanker Nominal Freight Scale. Worldscale Association, a shipping industry group, publishes a lengthy schedule of rates for popular tanker voyages. The printed figures, called World scale 100's, reflect application of tanker operating cost assump
  • WP 
    Weather Permitting or Without Prejudice 
  • WPA 
    With particular average 
  • WPD 
    Weather Permitting Day 
  • WR 
    Warehouse Receipt or Without Responsibility 
  • WRD 
    Wide Range Destillate 
  • WRIC 
    Wire Rods In Coils 
  • WRO 
    War risk only 
  • WRTD 
    Without reference to date 
  • WS 
    World scale 
  • WSHTC 
    Within Vessel's Natural Segregation 
  • WSHTC 
    Worldscale Hours Terms and Conditions 
  • WSIM 
    Water Separation Index Modified. See WATER REACTION. 
  • WSNP 
    Weather And Safe Navigation Permitting 
  • WT 
    Wing tank (OCIMF acronym) 
  • WTBA 
    Wording to be agreed 
  • WTF 
    West Terminal Forum 
  • WTI 
    West Texas Intermediate - A type of crude oil which is normally referenced in Western reports on oil prices 
  • WTL 
    Western Truck Lines. 
  • WTO 
    World Trade Organization 
  • WTS 
    Working time saved 
  • WTSBE 
    Working time saved both ends 
    Working time saved both ends 
  • WTY 
  • WVNS 
    Within vessels natural segregation 
  • WW 
    World Wide or Weather working 
    Worldwide and always within Institute Warranty Limits 
  • WWD 
    Weather Working Day 
    Weather working days, Sundays and holidays excluded 
  • WWF 
    Australian Waterside Workers Federation 
  • WWR 
    When, Where, Ready 
  • WWWW