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  • X Shex 
    Sundays and holidays excepted 
  • X-Whse 
  • X/C 
    ssheX / sshinC 
  • X/X 
    ssheX / ssheX 
  • XPS 
    Extruded Polystyrene. Manufactured from styrene, is a thermal plastic material manufactured by a variety of extrusion processes. Polystyrene foam board and extruded foam sheet have properties that make it a frequent choice for thermal insulation, sheathin
  • XS 
    In excess of 
  • Xylene 
    Xylene, a colorless liquid, is an aromatic hydrocarbon of which there are several forms. Xylenes are used as solvents, as components of aviation fuel, and as raw materials for the manufacture of dyes, fibers and films. Of the different forms of xylenes, p
  • Xylenes 
    Xylene comes in three different isomers: ortho-xylene, meta-xylene, and para–xylene. The first and last of this threesome have important chemical uses. All of them, separately or together, make superior motor gasoline blendstock. Refinery reformate and st