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  • C&F 
    Cost & Freight 
  • C&F FO 
    Cost & Freight Free Out 
  • C&F or CFR 
    Cost and Freight (named port of destination) Seller must pay the costs and freight to bring the goods to the port of destination. However, risk is transferred to the buyer once the goods are loaded on the vessel (this rule is new!). Maritime transport onl
  • C&F Terms of Sale, or INCOTERMS 
    Obsolete, although heavily used, term of sale meaning “cargo and freight” whereby Seller pays for cost of goods and freight charges up to destination port. In July, 1990 the International Chamber of Commerce replaced C&F with CFR. 
  • CIF (Named Port) 
    Cost, Insurance, Freight (Named Port). Same as C&F or CFR except seller also provides insurance to named destination.