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  • Cleaning in Transit 
    The stopping of articles, such as peanuts, etc., for cleaning at a point between the point of origin and destination. 
  • Diversion 
    A change made either in the route of a shipment in transit (see Reconsignment) or of the entire ship. 
  • In Transit 
    In transit, or in passage. 
  • Insurance, All–risk 
    This type of insurance offers the shipper the broadest coverage available, covering against all losses that may occur in transit. 
  • Lakers 
    Bulkers prominent on the Great Lakes, often identifiable by having a forward house which helps in transiting locks. Operating in fresh water, these ships suffer much less corrosion damage and have a much longer lifespan than saltwater ships. 
  • Reconsignment 
    Changing the consignee or destination on a bill of lading while shipment is still in transit. Diversion has substantially the same meaning. 
  • Refined Sugar Carrier 
    A single deck cargo vessel for the carriage of refined sugar. Sugar is loaded in bulk and bagged in transit (BIBO - Bulk In - Bag Out) 
  • RIT 
    Refining in transit 
  • SIT 
    Stopping in transit