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  • Classification Yard 
    A railroad yard with many tracks used for assembling freight trains. 
  • Construction Differential Subsidy 
    A program whereby the U.S. government attempted to offset the higher shipbuilding cost in the U.S. by paying up to 50% of the difference between cost of U.S. and non–U.S. construction. The differ- ence went to the U.S. shipyard. It is unfunded since 1982.
  • Container Yard (CY) 
    A materials–handling/storage facility used for completely unitized loads in containers and/or empty containers. Commonly referred to as CY. 
  • CY 
    Country yard 
  • Nylon 
    A synthetic plastic material derived from benzene. Nylon can be used to form fibers, filaments, bristles, or sheets to be manufactured into yarn, fabric, and cordage; and it can be formed into moulded products. Nylon is tough, elastic and strong, and it h
  • Throughput Charge 
    The charge for moving a container through a container yard off or onto a ship. 
  • YAR 
    York-Antwerp Rules 
  • Yard 
    Shipyard at which vessels are built.