Coastal Marine Lubricants

Apart from being a leading global physical bunker supplier, Aegean is a major supplier of marine lubricants around the world.
Through a reliable and effective logistics worldwide network, Aegean can deliver Aegean lubricants to customers at any time of day, every day of the year and at very competitive prices.
Aegean Marine lubricants are blended from some of the best base oils selected internationally at a state-or-the-art plant in Greece, which the company acquired from Texaco in 2006.
Compliant with the requirements and specifications of the world’s major engine manufacturers, the Aegean Marine product range features all the top-quality and high-performance lubricants that a vessel needs to operate effectively and efficiently—such as mineral oils, synthetic lubes and greases.

Vast Experience

Given our company’s vast experience in supplying vessels worldwide and our in-depth knowledge of the marine market, Aegean can guarantee its customers excellent service, both in the commercial and technical fields.
Aegean is the only independent petroleum company that is both an international bunker supplier and a producer-supplier of marine lubricants.
Aegean’s competitive advantage, therefore, rests on our expertise in both supply and demand: we know how to produce lubricants and how the most demanding international shipping community uses them.

Global Strength

On top of the company’s existing bunkering network, Aegean is expanding its network of marine lube blenders and partners at ports throughout the world.
This strengthens our production-control procedures, improves our products, develops our logistics and keeps our prices competitive.
The marine lubricants market is a demanding one and we provide the flexibility and responsiveness that our global customers require.

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