2T Motorcycles

Moto 2T synthetic

Moto Synthetic 2T is premium synthetic two stroke engine oil developed with a special low ash additive system and a very high performing ester to meet extreme temperature and load requirements of modern racing applications. The synthetic components used in Moto Synthetic 2T also provide considerably reduced smoke emissions. Moto Synthetic 2T provides excellent protection against rust, wear, corrosion, exhaust port plugging, ring sticking and varnish formation. The product can as well be used for auto-lubrication systems as for pre-mixing. As opposed to some traditional two stroke racing oils, Moto Synthetic 2T does not require special handling when pre-mixed with fuel.Moto Synthetic 2T is highly recommended for two stroke motorcycle racing, kart racing, chainsaws and snowmobiles, even under very low ambient temperature conditions. Read More

Moto 2T-S

Moto 2T-S is a synthetic based two-stroke engine oil formulated with a very high performance additive package. Perfect miscibility with gasoline is obtained by the addition of a high flash point diluent.Moto 2T-S will provide protection against cylinder wall scuffing even under high speed engine operating conditions and assures easy mixing with gasoline even at low ambient temperatures. Moto 2T-S has been specially developed for the most demanding motorcycle applications and has been extensively tested in the field. The synthetic components and the additive package used in Moto 2T-S provide a considerable reduction in smoke emission. Moto 2T-S two-cycle engine oil provides excellent protection against spark plug fouling and surface ignition, as well as excellent protection against rust, wear, corrosion, exhaust port plugging, ring sticking and varnish formation, under the difficult conditions to which motorcycles can be subjected.Moto 2T-S has been specially developed to limit the emission of smoke to a minimum. Read More

Moto 2T

MOTO 2T is a mineral two-stroke engine oil formulated for land applications in air cooled in light and medium duty operations such as in light motorcycles, mopeds and lawnmower applications.  Advanced formulation Moto 2T oil is a robust and reliable lubricant that provides light and medium duty two cycle engines with optimum bearing wear and piston scuffing protection, and prevents the formation of oxidation deposits in the engine's crankcase in high temperature operations. Read More