Car Care Products


AdBlue is a non-toxic urea solution used to chemically reduce NOx-emission from heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles. AdBlue is neither explosive nor harmful to the environment and is classified under the minimum-risk category of transportable fluids. Since AdBlue is corrosive, certain materials are required for its handling and storage.
All major trucks and buses  manufacturers in Europe has models that require AdBlue.  More specific AdBlue is stored in a separate tank and it is not mixed with diesel or other kind of fuel. Its use is made through a system which is called SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction . 
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AUS 32 gem,ISO 22241,DIN 70070,


The DIESEL FLOW is a mixture of special solvents and low molecular weight olefins, suitable for diesel and heating diesel. Diesel Flow acts effectively as antifrost and as improver flow oil even at very low temperatures. Read More

Windscreen Cleaner

Anti-frost cleaning fluid for automobil windshield. Read More

Battery Fluid

Distilled water for use in car batteries. Read More

Distilled Water

Distilled water for use in car batteries, cars radiators etc. Read More