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Aegean Shipping Completes GreenFleet

01 August 2014

Aegean Shipping took delivery of the M/T Green Hellas on July 29, 2014, the fourth and final vessel of its ambitious GreenFleet newbuild program.
M/T Green Hellas was delivered to Aegean by Korea’s Daesun Shipyard. The GreenFleet program commenced in September 2012, when Aegean and Daesun signed the initial contracts. In 2014 Aegean took delivery of the four vessels: M/T Green Planet (April), M/T Green Sea (May), M/T Green Sky (June), and M/T Green Hellas (July).
George Melissanidis, of Aegean Shipping said, “We are thrilled to have completed our GreenFleet program of newbuildings. These vessels offer significant advantages to both Aegean and its customers, who gain considerable savings. Of course the real winner is our environment, which benefits from lower harmful emissions and greater economies in fuel use. It is our hope that one day our entire fleet is a GreenFleet—an objective of our company for the foreseeable future. We thank Daesun for their outstanding work and cooperation as we also thank all the people who have contributed to this project, Lloyd’s & GL staff, ASM personnel, officers and crew.”
Ted Shinn, Managing Director & CMO at Daesun Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. in a note to Mr. Melissanidis, wrote, “I would like to pay my tribute of praise to all members of your esteemed company and superintendents for their fine efforts, day and night, that led to the completion of M/T Green Hellas. It is always with pleasure to recall that you have been constantly cooperative to our shipyard and that the relationship was more than that of simply between a buyer and a builder.”
Yannis Kokkalas (ASM Newbuilding Supervisor) and Alexander Yannoulis (ADK Site Manager) worked in close cooperation with the shipyard during the construction of the four vessels to ensure the best outcome for the GreenFleet.
M/T Green Hellas is expected to depart on her first voyage on August 9 following the completion of all required preparations, receipt of supplies, crew familiarization, final testing, and required inspections and checks to confirm proper operation.
Wishing all the best to the vessel and our crew, always in smooth seas and on safe voyages! 

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