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Aegean Shipping Goes Paperless

06 November 2012


Aegean Shipping Management S.A. innovates once again, becoming the first "paperless" shipping company in Piraeus and embarking on a new “no paper” era.

The term "paperless office" was introduced internationally in 1975 as an innovative management philosophy and became a standard practice in the vast majority of large organizations and offices of the public and private sector abroad.

Aegean Shipping has fully adopted the philosophy of the "paperless office," investing in high technology electronic equipment and using innovative software to automate its operations in its office and ships. By going “paperless,” Aegean Shipping avoids consuming tons of paper each year.

The "paperless" operation of the company has been harmonized in the Safety Management System/ISM and is subject to upcoming inspections by the certifying body (Lloyd's Register).
Using digital systems that minimize or eliminate the need for paper has significant advantages and benefits, including:

A) Environmental and Ecological Benefits of the Paperless Office

  • It eliminates the unnecessary printing of files that fills the environment with garbage, plastics, and more.
  •  It eliminates the use of inks and ink cartridges for printers that are highly damaging to the environment.
  • Management research estimates that by avoiding printing in the office alone, Aegean Shipping saves 340,000 pages of paper per year, and hundreds of archive files! All those are to the benefit of the global forests!
  • According to surveys, CO2 emissions are the main cause of global warming. The production and use of paper products contributes to the problem of CO2 emissions. The unnecessary use of paper not only contributes to the depletion of natural resources by cutting down trees, but also contributes to the waste of energy to operate cutting equipment as well as paper manufacturing and processing equipment.

B) Functional Benefits of the Paperless Office

  • It minimizes the storing space needs for filing documents and information, since they are stored electronically and digitally.
  • It makes it easy and fast to search for information and files that are protected from any natural disaster or other hazards, with the system of simultaneous safety backup in remote sites.
  • It makes it possible to work from different locations.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously access the same files and information.
  • It allows the user to have access to more than one file and information at the same time.
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