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Aegean Supplies TAP

08 November 2016

AEGEAN OIL has signed a contract with the SPIECAPAG-AKTOR consortium of companies for the supply of fuel related to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) construction project.
Based on this contract, Aegean will supply with fuel on a day to day basis to all construction sites and vehicles involved in the construction of the portion of the pipeline undertaken by Spiecapag-Aktor.
The contract was signed at the offices of Aegean in Alexandroupolis. The Project Manager of the TAP project for Spiecapag, Jean-Paul Chauvin, and Aegean Oil CEO, Antonis Papadakis, both expressed their satisfaction for the future cooperation between the two companies and confirmed that each will make every possible effort to assist in the construction of TAP, one of the most important energy infrastructure development projects in Europe in recent decades.
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