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Aegean’s GreenFleet Launched

16 April 2014

Aegean Shipping Management SA held a naming ceremony at Dae Sun Shipbuilding, in Busan Korea, on March 20, 2014 for two newbuildings. The M/T Green Planet and the M/T Green Sea are the first vessels to comprise Aegean’s GreenFleet, set to include four vessels.

The M/T Green Planet and the M/T Green Sea incorporate new technologies that reduce operating costs, reduce pollutants, and increase overall performance in a wide number of areas. 

The vessels employ advanced engineering and design components, including a new model, single acting, two-stroke, super long stroke, electronically controlled main engine, allowing the Aegean GreenFleet to achieve significantly lower fuel consumption. 

Other new technology features include the Energy Efficient Design Index (EEDI), Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), TBT-free anti-fouling, SAVER Fin, Samsung Asymmetric Rudder Bulb SARB, and a sophisticated On Board Energy Management System. 

More information about the vessels may be found at the new Aegean Shipping microsite: http://www.greenfleet.gr/

The ceremony was attended by senior management of Aegean Shipping SA, including owner Mr. George Melissanidis, and senior management of Dae Sun Shipbuilding, including Dae Sun President Mr. Jae-Yong Ahn.

Mr. Melissanidis said: “With this ceremony Aegean Shipping Management SA enters a new era. We will now offer vessels that perform at the highest levels of efficiency. Dae Sun Shipbuilding did an outstanding job in building and delivering vessels that meet our specifications and will allow us to compete at the level we desire. I look forward to completing the entire GreenFleet and propelling Aegean Shipping even higher.” 

Mr. Jae-Yong Ahn of Dae Sun Shipbuilding said: “We congratulate Aegean Shipping Management SA, and Mr. George Melissanidis personally, for the excellent cooperation we have enjoyed since day one. Aegean communicated a clear vision: They want world-class performance that reduces both costs and negative environmental factors. We are proud to partner with Aegean, committed to such forward-looking goals.”

M/T Green Planet will be delivered into service on or about April 15, 2014 and M/T Green Sea is set to be delivered into service on or about May 31, 2014.

Godmothers of the vessels, who were present at the ceremony, are Mrs. Jenny Melissanidis (M/T Green Planet) and Mrs. Loukia Foka (M/T Green Sea).  

The ceremony was followed by an evening reception hosted by Aegean, at which both companies celebrated the successful collaboration. 
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