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Congratulations to the Aegean Service Station in Larissa!

14 July 2017

Aegean is proud of its people and is particularly pleased when customers who choose Aegean's service stations experience first-hand the professionalism and excellent training of our employees.
We recently received the following email from an Aegean customer in Larissa:

I would like to congratulate the employees and the manager of the Aegean service station in Larissa. The other day, while traveling to Athens, I forgot my ring (its value isn’t important) in the station’s restroom. I didn’t realize I had forgotten it until a while later, and when I called the station and was informed that they had found my ring. Everyone was very helpful and polite, and the manager even sent it to me by courier.
I’m sure you can appreciate how important ethical behavior is in this day and age. I would find it splendid if you were to somehow reward the station’s staff—after all, they do represent your company--!
I hope to hear back from you that my request is being considered.
Congratulations once again!
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