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D-Force Travels Across Greece!

15 September 2015

Cars in the Aegean fleet now proudly carry the new D-Force diesel fuel logo.

Aegean’s new diesel fuel D-Force entered the market in December 2014—and diesel vehicle drivers have already noticed its exceptional features and advantages. Today, drivers are eagerly requesting D-Force at the pump of Aegean service stations.

The new D-Force diesel fuel, which is available at selected service stations of the Aegean network, contains the most technologically advanced additives that allow D-Force for cars with a diesel engine to:
  • increase the cetane number up to three units, which means improved ignition quality, better cold start and more acceleration
  • reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%
  • clean injectors, giving optimum spraying capabilities and keeping the entire engine clean
  • reduce engine noise
  • provide substantial protection against corrosion and increases engine life

* Photo gallery: The Aegean corporate car fleet at Aegean’s Thessaloniki office
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