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Donation of heating oil to 200 school premises

28 March 2013

Donation of heating oil to 200 school premises by George Melissanidis. The school premises where selected by the MINEDU (Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports), in conjunction with the President of ENPE Mr. Sgouros Ioannis, setting as the first priority the off the beaten track and the underdeveloped areas.

Regarding this initiative Mr. Kontsantinos Arvanitopoulos, Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports arranged today a meeting with Mr. G. Melissanidis in his office; the latter informed the Minister about the measures to be taken so as to address the problems that our citizens face due to the recession.

Mr. G. Melissanidis announced to the Minister that he plans to donate 100 tons of heating oil to be distributed to 200 schools all over the country. 50 out of the 100 tons will be given to schools in Nikea and the neighbouring region where Mr. Melissanidis was born and brought up.

The Minister of Education gratefully accepted the offer of Mr. G. Melissanidis and stated the following:
"We decided to publicize the initiative of Mr. G. Melissanidis in order to instigate other citizens, who have the means to do something relevant as well. Greece and its citizens go through a difficult period and everybody ought to help as much as possible. I would like to thank you for the decision you made to cover the "heating" needs of the students of 200 schools. Your donation enhances to a large extent the efforts of the government to help our people and especially children who seem to be having a hard time due to the financial crises. I am glad because you are a young and active person who seems to be assertive and helpful in this difficult situation practically and not only verbally".
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