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Going Greener With LED Lighting

13 July 2015

In a move to improve its environmental performance and reduce its CO2 footprint, Aegean has replaced all bulbs in its 9-story headquarters in Piraeus with ultra-efficient LED bulbs.
CO2 Emissions Reduced
LEDs are recognized as the best option for lighting in all buildings as they significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared with both incandescent and CFL bulbs. LED bulbs contain no mercury, a major boost to health and waste management.
40X Lifespan
LEDs (light emitting diodes) last for a whopping 40,000 hours whereas an incandescent bulb burns out, on average, after 1000 hours of operation. That’s 40 regular bulbs for every LED bulb! With such performance, maintenance costs are reduced as is the need to store and extensive supply of replacement bulbs.
Less Electricity
In addition, LED bulbs consume far less electricity: an incandescent bulb consumes 60 watts while the LED bulb uses just 12.5 watts (and a CFL 25 watts).
This kind of performance would have staggering environment affects if LEDs were used globally. In fact, if LEDs replaced all existing bulbs, world oil consumption would be reduced by almost 1 billion barrels over 10 years and 15% of global energy consumption would be saved.
Health Benefits
Another key benefit relates to health—LEDs have been shown to improve motivation, concentration, and energy in the workplace, as well as add to mood support in common areas, such as dining halls. As they are flicker free, LEDs also reduce headaches and eye strain.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency calculates that LED lights will save 88 terawatts-hours of electricity from 2010 to 2030, enough to power seven million homes for an entire year. Put into perspective, Greece has roughly 6.3 million homes.
Aegean and LED
At Aegean headquarters in Piraeus, the entire stock of light bulbs have been replaced with LED light bulbs, an investment upgrade that Aegean believes will have a triple return on investment—environmental, human, and financial.
With roughly 10,000 square meters of space, Aegean’s headquarters are demanding in their need for effective lighting to serve its nearly 350 employees.
In addition to savings in open space office areas, Aegean has installed sensors in those spaces used more infrequently, rest rooms, hallways, the parking garage, storage areas and the like. In this way, lighting is on only when in actual use, adding up to a 70-90% savings.
To date, the savings have been significant: Aegean’s building management team notes that it estimates return on investment to be realized in just 20 months.
Positive Employee Reaction
Employee reaction has been positive. Antonis Pavlakis, Aegean’s HR Manager, says: “Staff report that they in favor of this important initiative since they feel it is vital to support environmental protection in the workplace, as they do in their homes.” “Plus,” he says, “people have reported that their office space has a softer, more welcoming atmosphere.” Since LED bulbs emit almost no heat, this also makes the overall office climate more natural.
Aegean is proud to invest in a better workplace, improving our earth’s atmosphere, our building footprint, and our employee’s work environment.

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