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In-House Training Courses

12 November 2013

On July 24-26, Alpha Marine Consulting ltd, conducted the following in-house training courses for Aegean Bunkering Services Inc.:

Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation Analysis
The trainees were informed about the requirements of the ISM / ISPS codes and TMSA related to risk identification techniques, technical systems, management principles and risk evaluation, and the necessary steps to carry out the assessment.

Vetting Inspection Course and Shipboard Safety Officer
At this stage the seminar provided the trainees with the means to efficiently prepare for vetting inspections and demonstrate a strong commitment to safety and environmental excellence.

Maritime Labor Convention 2006
This course covered background and scope of the Maritime Labor Convention, minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship, conditions of employment, accommodation and recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care, welfare and social security, complaint handling, compliance and enforcement.
Aegean employees Konstantinos Besiropoulos (Master), Lambros Tsatsos (C/E), Nikolaos Ieronymakis (Master), Dimitrios Papoutsoglou (Master), Georgios Kokotsakis (Master), Konstantinos Veletakos (Master), Athanasios Kreouzis (C/Off), Nikolaos Spyridis (Master), Angelos Kostopoulos (Master), Stavros Lekodimitris (Master, Office Representative), Ioannis Moschos (3/Off), Georgios Tsanakis (Master), Nikolaos Papadakis (C / E), Theodosios Papadopoulos (Master), Kamil Saouach (Master), Konstantinos Stournaras (Master), Dimitrios Karaboulis (Office Representative), and Marina Ritsou (Office Representative) attended the seminars.
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