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Infineum at Aegean’s HQ in Piraeus

03 April 2015

Every year Infineum holds a Sales Meeting. This year, and thanks to the recommendation of the Aegean team, the Infineum International Sales Meeting was held in Athens.
On March 24, 2015 Aegean hosted a dinner at the Roof Restaurant of the Aegean building in Piraeus for the Infineum EMEA Sales team.
On behalf of Aegean, Pavlos Ioannidis, Global Marine Lubricants Manager welcomed the 50 distinguished guests from Infineum, emphasizing the strong eight-year partnership between the two companies and highlighted the value of Infineum’s advanced marine oil additive technology in the development of Aegean’s top quality marine lubricants.
On behalf of the Infineum team, Maurizio Abbondanza, EMEA Sales Director, thanked Aegean for the kind
invitation and stated that it was the first time such an internal meeting is linked to a team-bonding event with a strategic customer account.
The atmosphere was warm, in the genuine spirit of Greek philoxenia, or hospitality. The guests enjoyed delicacies while admiring at the impressive night view of Piraeus harbor, sparkling with city and vessel lights Aegean was represented by Dimitris Melissanidis; Pavlos Ioannidis; Antonios Papadakis, CEO of Aegean Oil; Nikos Hondos, General Manager of Aegean Bunkering Services Inc.; Konstantinos Polydakis, Deputy General Manager of Aegean Bunkering Services Inc.; George Giotas, Marine Lubricants Commercial Manager; Nikos Panagopoulos, Ter- minal Manager of Melco Petroleum; Christos Archontakis, Lubricants
Commercial Manager; Dorothy Papadogianni, Bunker Sales Manager; Chara Fykiri, Bunker Trader; Gratsiella Kladi, Bunker Trader; Dafni Bitsaxi, Marine Lubricants Trader; and Antonis Pavlakis, HR Director. On behalf of Infineum were Aldo Govi, Infineum Lubricants Business Manager; Sylvain Leblanc, Infineum’s Global Marine Manager; Wei Wang, Infineum’s Portfolio Manager, Marine & RailRoad; Yannick Jullien, EMEA Regional Executive Market Manager; Rob Ashton, Fuels Additives Techni- cal Sales Account Manager; Andrea Ghione, EMEA Distribution Channel Manager; Francesco Ragazzi, EMEA Sales Account Manager. Infineum’s Greek representative Yannis Protopapas of InterActive S.A. were also present in this unique and truly memorable event.
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