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M/T Rizopon Launches a Triple Illegal Immigrant Search and Rescue Operation

17 February 2015

On February 14, 2015, following the instructions of the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, the Aegean tanker M/T Rizopon launched a triple rescue operation of illegal immigrants who were found aboard inflatable boats in the waters between Italy and Libya.
Upon completion of the first mission, which involved 100 illegal immigrants, the Italian authorities ordered the ship to proceed to a second search and rescue operation 18 nautical miles southwest of the point of the first inflatable boat. On the way to the second rescue point, the M/T Rizopon located a third boat with illegal immigrants 55 nautical miles north of Libya. Among the immigrants were women and children. The M/T Rizopon approached the inflatable boat and tied it to the side of the ship. The crew then offered the illegal immigrants food, medicine and plastic covers to protect them from the rain, and remained at the site for several hours until the Italian coastguard vessel arrived to pick up the illegal immigrants.
The M/T Rizopon successfully completed the second double search and rescue operation at midnight, when the illegal immigrants were transported to the coastguard vessel.
We are proud of the Captain, Officers and crew and we congratulate them once again for the way they handle such incidents, which unfortunately take place often in the waters between Italy and Libya.

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