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Newbuilding Orders

19 November 2012

In continuation of its strategic program to upgrade and increase its fleet, Aegean Shipping Management (ASM) S.A. has placed orders for up to six new medium-range product tankers at Daesun Shipbuilding and Engineering of Korea.

Four of the 52,000 dwt tanker orders are firm and are scheduled for delivery to Aegean Shipping Management in early 2014. The contracts, which were inked in September, also provide for two optional vessels.

According to George Melissanidis, owner of Aegean Shipping Management, “this is the latest MR third generation ECO type design, optimized through extensive model tests, to have efficient hull lines and propeller optimized to achieve a speed of 13.8 knots and a fuel consumption of 23.1t/day.”

The vessels are able to carry a wide range of homogeneous and parcel cargoes, ranging from Crude Oils and  Product Oils to full segregated parcel cargoes of Chemical Type IMO II.

The cargo piping system is able of load/discharge seven (7) grades simultaneously with an independent cargo pumping and piping system (1-tank, 1-pump system).
The vessels are to be built to the highest notations of LR& GL class:
+ 100A1, dEDouble Hull Oil and Chemical Tanker, Ship Type2, CSR, ESP, Ship Right (CM, ACS(B), SCM), LI, *IWS, SPM4, ETA, + LMC, UMS, IGS, COW, ECO (EEDI, IHM, VECS-L, P, DIST)
+ 100A5, Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Ship Type2, CSR, ESP, RSD, CM-PS, IW, SPM, +MC, AUT, INERT, EP, VEC
Mr. Melissanidis notes that the specification and design development of the vessels are being carried out together with Daesun Shipbuilding and Aegean’s technical team. This is a team of professionals with extensive expertise in the field of shipbuilding and the tanker industry, and will be responsible for the monitoring of the whole project.

Daesun Shipbuilding and Engineering

Daesun Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., of Korea, with a shipbuilding experience of 10 years, designs, builds, converts, and overhauls various types of ocean-going vessels for the commercial markets. The company's products include container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, tug boats, and fishing boats. Daesun Shipbuilding and Engineering also provides ship repair service.
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