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Readiness Exercise at the Aegean Facilities in Alexandroupolis

10 April 2014

On April 8, 2014 the Alexandroupolis Fire Brigade and the Policy Protection Coordinating Body (SOPP) of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace carried out a joint exercise—training in a response to a major technical accident.
The exercise was held at the Aegean storage and handling of liquid fuels and lubricants main facilities, which is located at the “Ligaries” Maistos Beach area in Alexandroupolis.
The exercise simulated a full deployment of the Alexandroupolis fire brigade with the cooperation of all SOPP members in the region of Evros.
During the exercise staff appeared to be informed and well trained, and authorities checked the equipment of the facilities and found it to be suitable and sufficient to respond to such an accident. The exercise also tested the staff and resources available to the Alexandroupolis Fire Brigade, who passed the test in terms of timing and capabilities.
Under the command of the Deputy District Commissioner of Evros, Georgia Nicholaou Mavranezoulis, the SOPP carried out the exercise and coordinated the participating bodies.
In addition to the Alexandroupolis Fire Brigade, who participated under their Commander, Konstantinos Koukouras, the Head of Civil Protection of the Region, Konstantinos Chouvardas, the Police Directorate of Alexandroupolis, the Alexandroupolis Port Authority, the National Centre for Emergency Care (EKAV), and the Administrator of the Greek Electricity Distribution Network (HEDNO - PPC) also participated in the exercise.
All in all, the exercise resulted in useful conclusions. The participating bodies will have the chance to study these conclusions and examine how to improve their capabilities.
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