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Ship-Shore Fire and Rescue Exercise on Aegean Breeze I in the harbor of Patras

23 July 2013

On April 16, 2013 a joint Fire and Rescue Drill was carried out with the participation of the Harbor Master of the Port of Patras, the Shore Fire Squad, the local agent, and the M/T "Aegean Breeze I" crew, while the vessel was alongside. The scenario involved a fire in the galley, resulting in one seafarer being injured, and a subsequent fire developing in the ship’s compartment. In the exercise, all parties were notified immediately. They mobilized and reached the moored vessel within ten minutes. The shipboard Fire Squad, which was already informed, prepared safe means of access, by both sea and shore, to the waterborne and land-based teams respectively, providing the necessary assistance and enabling them to enter the affected confined space to successfully rescue the seafarer. The planning and coordination of the well-organized teams resulted in a successful execution of the combination exercise, proving that staff from different sectors can effectively coordinate in a common rescue operation.
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