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Take the Winter Driving Challenge

27 November 2014

Even for professionals, driving in winter can be difficult. Snow, ice, slush, cold, and limited visibility mean that we must be extra careful. Learning good winter driving skills can, however, help you better navigate some of the challenging road conditions that we all face.
Aegean has posted a new Winter Driving Quiz on its site to help younger drivers learn the ins and outs of driving in the cold months and refresh even the most experienced drivers in these important techniques.
In addition to driving with winter skills, we must also ensure our vehicles are in tip-top condition for cold weather and have extra gear—including blankets and chains—on board.
Once you test your skills—and perhaps learn a tip or two—be sure to take our EcoDriving Quiz so you are certain to save money at the gas pump and help our environment at the same time.
Aegean is committed to promoting safe and economical driving that is good for everyone and good for our environment, and ensures the world we will leave our children is one they deserve.
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