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Temeteron Station Network Lubricants Training Seminar

10 December 2013

On December 4-5, 2013 Aegean, in their modern lubricants production facilities, held a training seminar related to passenger car lubricants. The Director of the facilities, Nikos Panagopoulos, escorted the staff of Aegean’s company-operated station network, as well as select Aegean partners, through the chemistry laboratory. The facility provides quality control services according to the most demanding lubricant approval procedures from engine manufacturers such as VW, MB, BMW, MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, WARTSILA, and MTU. The seminar familiarized the participants with the advantages of Aegean’s lubricant production process, packaging, as well as the shipping methods used for affiliates or subsidiaries of Aegean in Greece and abroad.

The technical component of the seminar covered new technologies of new petrol and diesel engines, the advantages of the high quality raw materials of Aegean lubricants, lubricant endurance in the wide range of temperatures of new engines, long change intervals, and fuel economy. The Director of lubricant sales presented the new four-point control service for selected Aegean service stations. The new service includes checking the level of engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and liquid windshield cleaner fluid—for an immediate and economical refill with quality products.

Aegean will also organize a lubricants seminar for the staff of company-operated service stations in Thessaloniki. According to Christos Archontakis, training of the new four-point control service is already taking place at service stations.
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