The founders of Aegean, Greeks from the Black Sea region, known as Pontian Greeks, draw deep reserves of inspiration from their cultural roots. They know the importance of preserving the traditions of the past while looking toward the new horizons of the future.
For this reason, Aegean promotes cultural heritage and supports the active participation of people of all ages in a wide variety of artistic expressions, from painting to sculpture and from music to dance.

29 January 2014
Continuing its annual tradition, Aegean opened its arms on December 15, 2013 to employees and their children for a Christmas celebration...
09 January 2014
The Holy Church of Christ, through the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos, honored Dimitris Melissanidis with the title of Curopalates...
Ninety years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Exchange of Populations, ninety years of remembrance of a path full of sacrifices and losses, ninety years of proud presence of a great cultural heritage.