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Featured Employees

Responsible for all financial activities of the company
P/L preparation and presentation of CoCo service stations (income - expenses) - Business Analysis - Presentation of Aegean Oil Market Share throughout the Greek market - Define processes and targeting in particular sectors of commercial management - Participation in projects and sale’s promotions - Organization & Management (AegeanPromoTeam)
Organization is what defines a well-operating accounting department.
Among others, my responsibilities include monitoring of incoming messages, keeping records, managing funds, making payments on time, accommodating suppliers, and collaborating with banks. 
The direct distribution of telephone calls to recipients, with courtesy, and the secretarial support of the Directorate of human resources.
Direct collaboration with all departments of the company to optimize the operation of service stations that I am responsible of, so that consumers can always enjoy high quality products and services.
My duties as Head of the Secretariat include the delivery and coordination of incoming and outgoing mail and the management of the central electronic correspondence. Moreover, as secretary to the managing directors I am responsible for marketing issues, press releases, public relations, event planning, matters related to corporate mobile phones, and more.
As executive secretary, it is my responsibility to have the necessary technical, interpersonal and business skills for the secretarial support of the Company and the general manager.
Responsible for compatibility issues between the company and its ships, and all applicable international conventions and regulations relating to the safety of the crew, the cargo, and the hip, the protection of the environment, and the quality of services provided by the company.